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Colldale Showing in Europe

On the 10th January 2015, Colldale took their first steps into the European Show scene.

Brian pictured above with Sophie-
Colldale Hope And Glory, went to the Paris dog show, where Sophie beat 2 French Champions to bring home The CACS & CACIB

Encouraged by our success on our first outing, a further trip was planned, this time joined by 2 more of the Gang.
On the 12th April after a trip through the Channel tunnel we arrived in Maubouge in Northern France at the crack of dawn.
Our efforts were again rewarded this time with  Eddie -  Colldale The Hero taking Dog CAC & Best Of Breed and being shorlisted in the Terrier Group ( pictured above  )
Chloe - Beacytan Best Seller Of Colldale winning Bitch CAC
Sophie - Colldale Hope And Glory gaining the Bitch Res CAC

27th June 2015

GENK in Belgium

Beacytan Best Seller Of Colldale ( Chloe )


26/27th September 2015

Maastrict Holland

Colldale Son Of Adventurer
2 CAC's & 2 CACIB'S & 3rd in Group

Colldale Adventuress Girl 
res CAC's &  res CACIB

Beacytan Best Seller Of Colldale
res CAC & res CACIB

January 2017
'Ronnie ' Colldale Son Of Adventurer
C.A.C.I.B / C.A.C.S & Best Of Breed

on the 28th October 2017
Ronnie - Colldale Son Of Adventurer won his 4th CACIB in Belgium making him an International Champion

Louise - Colldale Adventuress Girl
Wins in Switzerland Nov 17
3 x CACIB 3 x CAC

On 1st December 2018 we made the trip to Rouen in France. Ruby- Colldale Ring Of Fire, won CACIB, CACS & Best Of Breed also shortlisted in the group

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