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The Colldale History


My passion for Airedale's really took a grip in 1994 when i purchased my first Airedale and was encouraged to show by the now late John Cooper. The 'bug bit' well and truly and bred my first litter of puppies , I am very proud that this litter produced my first 'homebred' Champion Collcurr Adventurer (Troy) in 2007. From this i have gone from strength to strength producing what i feel are true to type Airedales with good temperements. Despite a 2 year gap due to a ( personal) legal dispute which was resolved in May 2012, the gang came back under the COLLDALE kennel name and it would be fair to say have made our mark on the Uk & European Show scene.
Now in our 29th year we will be found at most Uk championship shows and often in Europe having recently made up our first International Champion -
Colldale Son Of Adventurer ( Ronnie )
Great start to 2019 ( Ruby )  Colldale Ring Of Fire gains her 3rd CC and becomes a Champion at the first show of the year !
In 2019 I wasjoined by Caroline who is a major influence on all we do at Colldale, in September 2020 we cemented that partnership with our marraige !
August 2021 we were joined by the birth of our Son 'Rod'

March 2019 - Caroline at one of the Championship shows

'CRUFTS' with Chloe 2014
Beacytan Best Seller Of Colldale

Caroline with 'Dave ' the Welsh

Jack at 10 months old was produced from a very special mating using frozen semen from a very succesfull American Airedale from over 30 years ago

American, English & International Champion
Blackjacks Nostradamus  

Pictured above 'Ronnie' - Colldale Son Of Adventurer son  of my own homebred Champion Collcurr Adventurer.
He has a unique bloodline with a strong strain of the Beacytan bloodline which has nearly dissapeared now, which was known for its driving movement,also heavily represented in this pedigree are many top winning Saredon Champions including Ch.Saredon Handyman & Ch. Saredon Lightning Strikes( top Airedale 2 years running)

The breeding program here at Colldale is based on traditional bloodlines for Health & Temperement, relying on bloodlines of the past, producing true to type, sound well constructed Airedale's, this will never be compromised

 We are  regulary traveling the country with a team of up to 5 Airedales,  


'My Lucy'
Kept me going through a very frustating 2 years of legal dispute ( domestic !), unable to breed or show my existing Airedales.
She was bred by Pete & Eileen Hilton, but sired by my own Collcurr Courageous.
She has a fantastic temperement and will be an importent part of the future here at COLLDALE 
Grandmother to Ch.Colldale Ring Of Fire

BVA hip score 4:3 total 7

2 CC's & 3 res CC's

Lucy's Father- Collcurr Courageous

English Champion Collcurr Adventurer
Troy was a joy to show and his driving movement was admired by many
Against very strong competition he acheived 3 CC's
& 8 res CC's
Grandfather of Colldale The Gladiator, Colldale The Hero, Colldale Hope And Glory &  Ch.Colldale Ring Of Fire  & more recently Father of
Int Ch.Colldale Son Of Adventurer & Colldale Adventuress Girl,
 Colldale Man Of kent & Colldale Maggie May

While Airedales will always be at the fore at COLLDALE over recent years we have some promising Welsh terriers coming into the ranks.
 pictured above  'Cassie - Colldale Boudica the Welsh Terrier  

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