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Puppies Progress Page current litter

                      CAROLINE with 3 of the D Litter pups, June 2020 at nearly 7 weeks                            

'Y' Litter at 7 days old

Mum Jodie, with one of her 4 day old pups from the 'Y'Litter born 8/9/18

W Litter 11 days, born April 2018

'U' Litter at 7 days born 29/08/17

'R' Litter 3 days old

'Penny with her Welsh Pups, first day outside at nearly 5 weeks

Airedale 'P' Litter at 16 days old, eyes are open getting ready to ' rumble'

Welsh 'C' & 'D'Litters breakfast time day 26

Welsh 'C' Litter at 3 weeks

Airedale 'P' Litter day 2

Welsh 'C' litter day 10

Welsh 'C' Litter on day one with Mum Penny

To see Video footage of M & N litters go onto our facebook page

'M' Litter 5 weeks

'N'Litter at nearly 5 weeks 5/11/15

'N'Litter breakfast time 28 days

'M'Litter breakfast time at 27 days

'M'Litter ( Ronnie x Tylee) 13 days old
eyes just starting to open

'N' Litter day 11( Tyler & Tori)

Airedale 'M' Litter born 3/10/15 day 1

Welsh B Litter pups at 5 weeks old with Mum Amy

Welsh terrier 'B' Litter enjoying their first day outside at just over 4 weeks old

'L' litter at just over 7 weeks enjoying a nice morning outside

L Litter at 6 weeks old

Welsh Terrier 'B' Litter at 8 days

' L' Litter breakfast time day 25

'L'Litter taken at 18 days old 12/3/15

'L'litter born 22/02/15 on 6th day with mum 'Tori'

'J'Litter at 7 weeks

'K'litter with Mum Lucy at 7 weeks


'K' Litter ( Lucy ) at 6 weeks waiting to go outside

'J'Litter ( Tylee) at 6 weeks

'j'Litter ( Tylee ) at 5 weeks first day outside, with Mum and Grandma keeping a watchfull eye

'K' litter ( Lucy's ) at 5 weeks first day outside

'J' Litter day 24 meal time

'K'Litter day 23, meal time

'J'Litter ( Tylee) at 3 weeks 3/5/14
First taste of freedom and loving it

'J' Litter ( Tylee ) at 20 days

'K'Litter ( troy & Lucy) at 19 days

'K'Litter ( Troy & Lucy ) at 14 days 27/4/14

'J' Litter ( tylee) day 15

All the puppies eyes are starting to open today !!!!
trouble brewing !!!! 25/4/14

New photos coming soon

The 'K' Litter ( Troy & Lucy) at 8 days

The 'J' Litter ( Tylee ) at 9 days

The 'K' Litter born 13th April 2014 with Mum 'Lucy'

The 'J' Litter born 12th April 2014 with Mum 'Tylee'

I Litter at 5 weeks

I Litter at 4 weeks old

'I' litter day 18 - first day on the loose

The 'I' litter day 11

The 'I' Litter at just a few hours old born 31st October 2013

Welsh Pups at just over 7 weeks

pups at 6 weeks

Five and a half weeks

Day 27- first solid meal !!!!!

day 26

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