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Latest News for COLLDALE

A break from the usual here at Colldale on our wedding day
25th September 2020

Airedale Puppies due early May 2020
Colldale The Gladiator x Colldale Maggie May

Ruby Ch. Colldale Ring Of Fire has another good start to the year winning her 4th CC at Manchester 2020

Welsh terrier Puppies born 24th December 2019

2 Boys ( 2 Reserved) 3 girls ( 3 reserved )

Airedale puppies born 25th Octber 2019
Colldale The Gladiator x Colldale Adventuress Girl

9 Boys ( all sold) 6 Girls ( all sold )

Airedale Puppies Born 31st October 2019
Colldale The Gladiator x Colldale One In A Million
7 Boys ( all sold) 4 Girls ( all sold)

Welsh Terrier puppies due end of July 2019

Ruby - Ch Colldale Ring Of Fire
wins CC at Manchester gains her crown and is now a Champion

Ruby - Colldale Ring Of fire
Wins in Rouen - France CACIB,CACS & Best Of Breed
Shortlisted in the Group 1st December 2018

Welsh terrier pups born 28/11/18

4 Boys ( All reserved )

Airedale puppies born 5//9/18
X Litter

6 boys ( All Reserved) 2 Girls ( All Reserved)
Colldale The Gladiator  x Colldale Adventuress Girl

Airedale puppies Born 8/9/18
Y Litter
6 Boys ( All reserved ) 5 Girls (All reserved)

Colldale The Gladiator x Colldale One In A Million

Ruby Wins her 2nd CC at Richmond 8/9/18

Ruby wins 1st Limit Bitch
City Of Birmingham 2/9/18

Another win for 'Ruby'
Midland Counties Airedale Champioship Show
1st Limit Bitch & Reserve CC

'Ruby' Colldale Ring Of Fire
Continued her winning ways at East Of England (7/7/18)
1st Limit Bitch

'Ruby ' Colldale Ring Of Fire
wins Bitch CC & Best Of Breed
at Birmingham National at just under 18 months of age
11th may 2018

Airedale puppies Born 5th April 2018

6Boys ( all reserved) 3 girls ( 1 available )

A flying start to 2018 for Ruby - Colldale Ring of Fire
Continued at the South Of England Airedale Club Show winning Reserve Best In Show
she is just 16 months old

A good day for the team at Crufts this year
Int Ch Colldale Son Of Adventurer - Reserve Open Dog
Colldale Ring Of Fire - 1st Junior Bitch ( Pictured above )
Colldale Adventuress Girl - Reserve Open Bitch

Airedale puppies due early April 2018

28th October 2017
Ronnie - Colldale Son Of Adventurer wins his 4th CACIB and becomes an International Champion

 Ruby goes reserve Best Puppy in Show at the London & Home Counties Terrier Club, 10 Sept 2017

Airedale puppies Born 29th August 2017
6 Boys ( All reserved ) & 6 Girls( All reserved )
from Ronnie ( pictured above ) Colldale Son Of Adventurer
x Colldale Into The Night ( Gemma )

A great day for all those Colldale's that managed to make the journey to the New Forest, Steve Thatham who is owned by the 'Humph', organised a walk and a get together for any Airedales who have originated from Colldale.
 A Magic day and one that i think was enjoyed by all who attended ( 14/07/17 )

so a good few weeks for the Colldale Team with a good string of consistant results,
Particulary  Jack Colldale The Outlaw who has had 2 good wins in Junior dog

Ronnie - Colldale Son Of Adventurer who has now acheived
1 CC & 7 Reserve CC's

Airedale Puppies born 24th February 2017
5 Girls( All reserved ) & 3 Boys ( All reserved )

'Cassie' comes up trumps at the
Welsh terrier Club Show ( 18/3/17)

Colldale Boudica Best In show

Ronnie wins At Paris 8th January 2017
C.A.C.I.B - C.A.C.S & Best Of Breed

Airedale 'R' Litter Born 13/11/16
1 Boy & 9 Girls ( all gone to their new homes )

A Busy time here at Colldale
Pictured above 3 day old pups from Louise - Colldale Adventuress Girl born 13th November 2016

Airedale Puppies due early November 2016

'Jodi' makes her debut at Richmond 10/09/16

Colldale One In A Million
at 8 months

A special young lady from American & Uk & International Champion Blackjacks Nostradamus

So the gang are pushing hard at recent shows

Ronnie - Colldale Son of Adventurer has just this year gained 1 CC & 3 Res CC's

His sister Louise - Colldale Adventuress Girl
has recently held her own with several class wins now progressed to limit where she won the class at City of Birmingham.

soon to make her debut in the ring
Jodi - Colldale One In a million
from the A/I mating with American, English & International Champion Blackjacks Nostradamus

A good day for Ronnie at Southern Counties Champ Show 4/6/16

Colldale Son Of Adventurer wins the Dog CC

Airedale puppies Born 16th April 2016

6 boys (all Reserved) 4 Girls (all Reserved)

- - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Welsh terrier puppies born 3rd April 2016,
pictured at 32 hours old,
5 boys( all Reserved) & 3 Girls  ( all Reserved )

We are pleased to announce that
Sophie - Colldale Hope And Glory ( Airedale)
is due to have puppies mid April
The scan showed 9


A good day for Colldale at CRUFTS 2016

Ronnie - Colldale Son Of Adventurer -
1st Post Grad dog

Eddie - Colldale The Hero - 1st Limit Dog

Louise - Colldale Adventuress Girl
3rd Post Grad bitch

Chloe - Beacytan Best Seller Of Colldale
3rd Limit Bitch

Cassie - Colldale Boudica( Welsh Terrier )
Best Puppy In Breed

We are pleased to announce that following a scan today we can confirm that we are expecting Welsh Terrier puppies at the beggining of April

A good start to the year at the London Airedale & Fox terrier Club Show today
Louise - Colldale Adventuress Girl Won Reserve Best in Show & Best Of Breed
Cassie - Colldale Boudica acheived Best AVNSC Puppy

A Good start to the year for Ronnie !

in the space of 1 week Ronnie -
Colldale Son Of Adventurer has been awarded a res C.A.C.I.B in Paris & won the Post Graduate dog class at Manchester followed by The Res CC

Also Cassie - Colldale Boudica our Welsh Terrier made her debut at Manchester and qualified for Crufts 2016

It is planned to take 5 Colldale's to Crufts this year

We are pleased to announce that on Xmas Day 3 puppies were born from the very special mating by A/I of American, English & International Champion Blackjacks Nostradamus and our own Touessrok Super Sapphire of Colldale

2 girls & a Boy who our now on their 6th day and doing well, Peter was a true to type traditional no nonsence  Airedale who departed over 20 years ago but was widely used as a succesfull stud in his day.
We look forward to seeing the rusults of this interesting mating develope over the coming months 

Puppies due from American & English Champion Blackjack's Nostradamus x Touessrok Super Sapphire Of Colldale.

this mating was done by artificial insemination from frozen semen stored over 20 years ago.

This is a very unique mating and rare bloodline, building Colldale's future.

Airedale Puppies born 2/3 October

M Litter
Colldale Son Of Adventurer( Ronnie) x Collcurr The Empress (Tylee)
6 Girls (all reserved)  - 4 Boys ( all reserved)

N Litter
Collcurr The Emperor(Tyler) x Collcurr The Duchess( Tori)
5 Girls ( all reserved) 3 Boys (all reserved)

'Ronnie' does us proud in Holland

Pictured above Ronnie - Colldale son Of Adventurer

On the weekend of 26/27th September we made the journey to Maastrict in Holland, 2 shows over 2 days 2 different judges.

Ronnie won Best Of Breed , 2 CACIB'S 2 CAC's and to top it all went 3rd in group 3
A very proud weekend






'Chloe does it again'

Following on from her win in Belgium last week, Chloe - Beacytan Best Seller Of Colldale, having recently won her way out of the PostGraduate class with a succesive run of wins, entered the Limit Bitch class for the first time at the Windsor Show, where she again won the class

27th June 2015

Colldale made the trip to GENK in Belgium

Beacytan Best Seller of Colldale ( Chloe ) came home with the


Colldale took a trip across the channel to Maubeuge in France on 12th April 2015

Eddie - Colldale The Hero- DogCAC - Best Of Breed & shortlisted in the Terrier Group

Chloe - Beacytan Best seller Of Colldale -
Bitch CAC

Sophie _ Colldale Hope And Glory -
Res Bitch CAC

 Eddie in the Terrier Group

Welsh Terrier Pups born 16/3/15

3 boys  & 2 Girls
all pups reserved

Airedale Puppies Born 22/02/2015
6 Boys & 3 Girls
all puppies reserved
see latest pictures on 
puppies progress page

'Great day for the gang at Crufts'
Ronnie- 1st Puppy Dog & Best puppy in Breed
Eddie - 3rd limit Dog
Louise - 2nd Puppy Bitch
Chloe - 1st post Grad bitch ( strong class)
Sophie - V H C Limit Bitch


Conformation of Airedale puppies due last week in February
Collcurr The Emperor & Collcurr The Duchess
Tyler & Tori

A good day for the girls at Manchester Champ show 15/01/15

Colldale Adventuress Girl- 1st Puppy Bitch
Beacytan Best Seller Of Colldale - 1st Post Grad Bitch
Colldale Hope & Glory - 1st Limit Bitch

A great start to the new year!

Colldale Hope And Glory ( Sophie)
First time we have shown in Europe
Paris Dog Show
Best Of Breed & C.A.C.S & C.A.C.I.B

As the year draws to a close another succesfull day for the team, at LKA Champ show 14/12/2014

Ronnie - Colldale Son of Adventurer - 1st minor puppy dog & Best puppy Dog

Edddie - Colldale The Hero - 1st post grad Dog

Louise - Colldale Adventuress Girl - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch & Best puppy Bitch  & Best puppy In breed

Chloe - Beacytan Best seller Of Colldale - 2nd Post Grad Bitch

Another good day for the Colldale gang
South Of England Airedale Champ show

Ronnie - Colldale Son Of Adventurer - 1st minor puppy Dog
Eddie - Colldale The Hero - 1st post Grad dog
Louise - Colldale Adventuress Girl - 1st Minor puppy Bitch & Res Best Puppy In show
Chloe - Beacytan Best Seller Of Colldale - 1st Post Grad Bitch

'Eddie' Colldale The Hero - wins reserve CC at The West of England & South Wales Champ Show

30th November 2014

'Ronnie' & 'Louise' qualify for crufts 2015 at the first show

Colldale Son of Adventurer ( Ronnie )
& Colldale Adventureress Girl ( Louise)

Will be making their debut in the show ring at
the North Of England Airedale Terrier Show on 19thOctober 2014

At the London & Home Counties Terrier Club
Beacytan Best Seller of Colldale - Best Of Breed
Colldale Hope & Glory - Res Best Of Breed

Ch . Collcurr Adventurer x Touessrok Super Saphire Of Colldale

Pic taken 2/9/14 after first trim
Shows a lot of promise

The Latest additions

Colldale Son of Adventurer ( Ronnie )
Colldale Adventuress Girl ( Louise )

I have been waiting for 3 years for these two, sired by my own Homebred Champion 'Troy' Ch Collcurr Adventurer, a true to type, strong Airedale, whose driving movement in the ring was admired by many, combined with the many qualities of ' Lucy ' , I wait with baited breath to see if the potential will be realised


Emma with Ronnie & Louise

Airedale Puppies born 12th & 13th April 2014

Ch Stargus Raiden x Collcurr The Empress
6 boys & 3 girls( ALL RESERVED)

Ch. Collcurr Adventurer x Touessrok Super Saphire Of Colldale
4 Boys & 7 Girls ( ALL RESERVED )
Pictures on puppies progress page

'Gemma' Colldale Into The Night ( handled by Emma)9/5/14
Makes her debut at the Birmingham National and gains a qualification for Crufts 2015

Gemma - COLLDALE INTO THE NIGHT ( 22/4/14)
first show trim, getting ready for her debut in the show ring in May

A good day for the 'COLLDALE' gang at the South Of England Airedale terrier Club show 30th March 2014
'Chloe' Beacytan Best Seller of Colldale, was Best Bitch In Show and Reserve Best in Show
Also 'Sophie' Colldale Hope And Glory won the Limit Bitch Class

The COLLDALE team at Crufts 2014

Brian with 'Amber'

Emma with 'Sophie'

Brian with 'Chloe'

Brian with 'Eddie'

Pre Crufts run out for Sophie with Emma

The lastest addition Colldale In To The Night
Gemma with Emma at 12 weeks old

Chloe - Beacytan Best Seller of Colldale, made her debut in the show ring today 15/9/13 at the National Airedale Open Show
She came first in Mior puppy Bitch and beat off some good opposition

Colldale The Hero, Colldale Hope And Glory, Colldale the Gladiator have all made their dubut's in the show ring in the last 2 weeks and have all gained Crufts qualifications for 2014

Colldale Hope & Glory , wins Best Puppy in Match
at just 7 and a half months

Looking forward to the second half of the year where Airedales
Beacytan Blast from the Past of Colldale
Beacytan Best Seller of Colldale
Colldale the Gladiator
Colldale Hope & Glory
Colldale The Hero
Welsh terrier
Saredon Holly & Ivy of Collmile
will all be making there debut's in the show ring 

All Welsh Pups now reserved

Welsh terrier puppies born 5th May 2013
3 Girls & 3 Boys
Pictured at 11 days old

I am pleased to announce the latest Airedale additions
Billy - Beacytan Blast From The Past of Colldale
Chloe - Beacytan Best Seller of Colldale
sired by

English, American & International Champion
Blackjacks Nostradamus (A.I)

Both are also grandchildren of my own Collcurr Courageous

Saredon Holly And Ivy

The very latest addition

AMBER at 11 weeks

Eddie & Sophie

Colldale 'The Hero ' & Colldale 'Hope And Glory'
 at just 12 weeks old

The gang were back in action at the weekend, at the the WEST OF ENGLAND & SOUTH WALES AIREDALE CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW

A very satisfying day with Toby getting 2nd in open dog
Tyler 2nd in post grad dog
Lucy 3rd in post grad bitch

'ROD' Colldale the Gladiator
First trim at 12 weeks

The 'H'Litter
7 Girls & 4 Boys born 8th November
Parents Collcurr Courageous x Collcurr The Empress

If you have reserved a puppy from the 'H'litter, click on the PUPPIES PROGESS page on the left 

The latest addition from the 'G' litter

5 boys & 5 girls born 28th August,
parents Collcurr The Emperor x Collcurr The Duchess

Toby makes his return to the show ring with his daughter Lucy

Lucy ( centre )

'Lucy' wins best in Match at Mersham Ringcraft 28/6/2012

TOBY - Collcurr Courageous is in preporation for his return to the show ring in the very near future

Toby, Troy & Tyler are now available again at stud to suitable bitches all have low BVA hip scores

Great news Bva hip score result for Lucy 4:3 total of 7 ( daughter of Collcurr Courageous )

latest Picture of 'Lucy' taken 10/2/2012,


The First Colldale Airedale

Touessrok Super Saphire of Colldale

LUCY - daughter of 'Toby'Collcurr Courageous is the new future and foundation of Colldale Airedales, combining the very best of COLLCURR,SAREDON,STARGUS,JUNAKEN & JOKYL bloodlines having a pedigree which is second to none.

'Lucy ' has started her ringcraft lessons and has taken to it like a duck to water, she has a super temperement and loves every minute of it

Lucy now at four and a half months

Lucy will be making her Show debut in September



In preporation for 'Lucy's ' debut in the show ring at champioship level next month ( sept )
I entered her in a local show to give her a taste of the show ring !!
She was placed first in a class of over 20 Puppies and went on further to beat over 200 other dogs to be awarded BEST IN SHOW, not a bad start at just 6 months old !!!

In her first 2 Championship shows, Lucy was placed 2nd both times, At Birmingham & Richmond in the puppy Class, considering she was the youngest in the classes at only 6 months old, this is a great start for her, this also means she has gained a qualification which will mean that she can enter at Crufts next year !

LUCY pictured at just over 9 months has had a promising start to her show carear


In a highly competative class Lucy was awarded 2nd place in the class and now looks forward to Crufts

'Lucy ' had a good day at Crufts gaining a 3rd place in the puppy class

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