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Handstripping of Airedale & Most Terriers

Handstripping of Airedale, Welsh, Wire Fox, Irish & Border Terriers

Handstripping is a skill that is hard to find, many claim to do it, but few are fortunate to have had the proper training to understand the art and skill required.

Here at Colldale we have been Handstripping for over 28 years, learning the art on our own Airedale & Welsh Terriers who we have shown for all that time at Champioship shows all over the Uk & Europe.

We are able to handstrip most Terriers, we specialise and have many regular clients for Airedale, Welsh, Wire Fox, Irish & Border

Very often we receive enquiries from customers who are less than happy with the results from general groomers and we are more than happy to discuss a plan to get the desired Harsh wirey coat with good colour, that corrrect Handstripping will acheive

Pictured above our own Homebred Uk Champion 'Ruby', in perfect show trim

If you would like to discuss the trimming or grooming requirements of your Terrier 
Please call Brian or Caroline

01233 720384

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